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15th-Mar-2008 01:36 pm(no subject)
On the phone
Name: Sofia
Age: 12
Birthplace: your room =O
Height: 5'3
Hair color: medium/lightish brown with an orangey glow to it.
Eye color: brown


Work place?

Any animals?

Goals for this year?
uh, to have fun.

Goals in life?
be happy and yeahh.

Are you close with your family?
pretty much.

Have you gotten in a fight?
not like *punch punch*

Have you been beaten up?

By whome?

Whats your favorite color?

Do you like to watch sports?
uh, no.

Whos your favorite team?

Do you like to drink?

Whats your favorite alcohlic drink?

Do you do any drugs?

How long have you been sober?

Who was the last person that kissed you?
that dude when I was five..I kissed him for a cookie. =D

Are you in a relationship?

When do you want to get married?
uh, well... If two people are in love I don't think that you need a party and a paper and a ring to prove it.
I'm going to shutup now. (;

To whome?

Whats your best feature?
Well, people say I have a nice nose.. (xD) but either that or my hair.

Whats your worst feature?
hmm.... I hate my nailss. but that's because I used to bite them and now they're all ugly.

Whats one thing you want to change about yourself?

Is it possible?

so random.
28th-Jan-2008 07:07 pm - graphics.
On the phone
I made some Sharpay icons recently, so here they are! I also made a coloring tutorial for you guys.
(it's not the coloring in the icons, though.)
enjoy. ♥

26th-Jan-2008 04:17 am - friends only.
On the phone
this journal is friends only.♥
comment if you'd like to be added.
i'll add practically anyone.
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